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House M.D. Season 8: What We Know (spoilerz)

August 8, 2011

So here are the facts. (Again Spoilers) The season kicks off 12 months post-car-into-dining room. The ¬†directors and creator David Shore placed the timeline this way because if it picked up right where they left off it would be awkward because Lisa Edelstein has quit for this season, and they would have to just chop her off. ¬†Second major piece of info; it kicks off 12 months into House’s prison stay. ¬† If it kicked off seconds after the end of season 7, it would take half a season for House to get out. So moving right along, first episode title? Drum Roll please…? TWENTY VICODIN! Thats right. Who knows what that means? I think that he is slipped some pills and has to ration them out through the rest of the stay in the slammer. He also meets a doctor in prison…why is it that for the past 2 seasons, the season premiere always begins with a love interest? Hmm…And then there’s the new Dean of Medicine…buuuuuuuuuuuuuut this is a long enough post already. I’ll do another one. Comment and Speculate