Paranormal Activity 3 Plot Revealed!!!!!

Thats Right! The thing people everywhere have been waiting for. The plot to paranormal activity 3! if you go to this site: you’ll see the official poster for the movie. But there’s no trailer or plot. Anyway getting to the point. The story will focus on Katie, who will be constantly possessed by our old friend;  Demon. Now, the question is….Supporting characters? Do they hunt her down? Will Dr. Averies or whatever the hell his name was return? And the biggest question of all…Will the found format still work? I’m guessing no on account of the fact that Demon-Katie will be, at most points be the only character on screen. BUUUUUUT, Oren Pelli Promised it would be scarier than ever. So we’ll see. But what sucks most about this movie? RATED R. (Most likely) Yes its got to be. All the horror addicted Teenagers out there can’t see it by themselves…which sucks demon ballz. Thats it for today. But stay tuned, or internet connected…

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