As most of you have probably heard, japan has recently been hit with a tsunami after an offshore earthquake of 8.9 on the richer scale. ( thats $&#%ing huge!) the aftershock, which I’m pretty sure occurred on land, was 7.4 I think. So ummm…yeah that’s Haiti right there. But this is the THIRD major earthly event within 356 days. What does that tell you? This means we’re destroying the planet. I seriously hope that some eco-nut gets enough movement in the public that it’ll make a difference. But seriously. Ok well that’s it. Share your thoughts about japan, and what you think might happen if it hit somewhere else. Get well japan!

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4 Comments on “Japan”

  1. SwimFellow Says:

    This is a slightly offensive post. Especially the China part.. I wouldn’t care about the toys, I would care about their well-being.

    And you, who is not a meteorologist, trying to predict an earthquake..

    How are we destroying the planet?? I mean, we are, but earthquakes aren’t our fault. That was a pun.. (Fault, like fault line.)

    Sorry, just had to say.

  2. SwimFellow Says:

    Earthquakes are still not our fault. (Pun still intended.

  3. wpblog64 Says:

    Well I disagree.

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