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March 15, 2011

As most of you have probably heard, japan has recently been hit with a tsunami after an offshore earthquake of 8.9 on the richer scale. ( thats $&#%ing huge!) the aftershock, which I’m pretty sure occurred on land, was 7.4 I think. So ummm…yeah that’s Haiti right there. But this is the THIRD major earthly event within 356 days. What does that tell you? This means we’re destroying the planet. I seriously hope that some eco-nut gets enough movement in the public that it’ll make a difference. But seriously. Ok well that’s it. Share your thoughts about japan, and what you think might happen if it hit somewhere else. Get well japan!


Musical Confusion

March 10, 2011

Hello! Recently it has come to my attention that I don’t listen to enough music. Too busy being sick. So it has also come to my attention that I only listen to parts of albums. This is obviously a very nerdy way to listen to music. SO furthermore I would like you to comment on what music you like, bands, or just random songs. So yeah, thanks


P.S. For a certain person, I am not listening to death metal.

Horror and scary movies.

March 5, 2011

Recently I have become obsessed with horror movies. They actually seem to be having their effect on me. For example, Paranormal Activity. It’s a movie about a new couple In San Diego, who over the course of three weeks have a demon who steadily grows more and more violent. While the movie is not scary itself, the idea can seriously mess wit h your head. Now I have every bump, light turning off, door opening, weird noise, or even a scratch I hear I think is a demon. While it seems stupid, well yeah it’s just creepy. The other horror movies I see aren’t as scary because there’s less of a chance of Jason Voorhees coming to kill me. PA is creepier because it’s fitting to my life. Anyway, what do you think of horror? Like em? Hate em? Comment.

Constantly Upgrading.

March 2, 2011

I love technology. I love computers. I love iTunes. But I HATE Apple…sometimes. Right now, I don’t use computers, just my iPad. But I’m sick today and went on And to my disbelief, the iPad 2 is the main news!! The problem with society’s technology is it’s constantly updating. And it becomes more advanced and addicting. I don’t know. Check out Apple for the pic of the iPad 2. Oh and comment.

Family Guy.

March 2, 2011

I’m gonna talk about family guy. Since I recently got Netflix, I’ve become hooked on Family Guy. Almost everyone outside of my school says that’s inappropriate. I think that’s overstated. Sure it has it moments of sick, disgusting, vile humor. But who doesn’t love that? But if you haven’t had ” The Talk” with your kid though, they might be a little confused. Still, it’s not as bad as everyone thinks. Oh by the way